Control Room

18' x 17' featuring precise stereo imaging and active "side to side" acoustics.


All computers and hard drives, amps and tape machines etc. are situated remotely resulting in a very noise free working environment
Air conditioned and/or continual air change. Leather sofa plus 3 leather producer chairs.
Yamaha P250 88 note weighted midi keyboard plus sustain and volume pedals.


30' x 30' Fully Floating variable acoustic daylight studio featuring a bright uncoloured, yet controllable sound using "Revolving Wall" acoustics.
The room was contructed as a studio from the ground up with no parallel walls or ceiling. This makes for a bright uncoloured sound with excellent natural separation. The floor is actually in 5 completly separate sections ensuring the drums, for instance, don't travel up the legs of the grand piano to be reproduced by the soundboard.
Capacity: 7 Musicians and the Drummer (luxury) or 18 Musicians and the Drummer! (breath in. )
2 Isolation Booths.







Pearl Drum kit - 22" Bd - 8"/10"/12"/13"/14"/16" toms - large selection Paiste cymbals old and new - Selection of classic snare drums in wood or metal: Ludwig Black Beauty/400 - Pearl - Noble & Cooly - Slingerland - Remo - Rogers

Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 plus selection 60's pedals

Late 60's Hammond C3 organ and Leslie tone cabinet

Yamaha C7 Grand piano
5 days notice of piano tuning is required - there are few good piano tuners left in London and still fewer who understand the deadlines and requirements of studios - Mike Lewis is the best - but he's a busy man.


Jon Hiseman

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