Temple Music Studio - Digital/Analogue Audio & Video Editing

32 lines from studio floor to either digital or analogue recording systems
via 32 Raindirk mic -pre's with 5-band parametric eq/inserts etc.

Recording and Mastering - Digital:

Apple Mac Pro/2.8.0ghz/17gbRAM
Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel 4 (TDM)124 track hard disk recording, editing, stereo and surround mixing system with ProControl and Faderpack digital control surfaces.
2 x Apple 23"Cinema displays.

CD-R/DVD Recorders/SuperDLT Data Backup
2 x Tascam DA 30 DAT / Sony F1 Digital Stereo
TDM plug-in processing - Waves Diamond Bundle/Transform Bundle/API Bundle- Amp Farm - Bomb Factory - Sony Oxford - Massenburg - DigiRack - McDSP - Aphex - TC - Drawmer - Autotune- Echoboy - Altiverb - Reverb One etc.

Recording and mastering - Analogue:

MCI/Sony 24 Track 2" + Dolby SR
MCI JH-110 2 Track 1/4" + Dolby SR(or Dolby A)
Reference Turntable and preamp - Yamaha cassete players

Temple Music Video post production with Final Cut Studio 7 or Premiere Pro/After Effects 5.5

import • view • edit • add music & fx • create DVD masters•









6 - way stereo foldback(h/phone) system configured in software and retained with Pro Tools sessions.
12-way speaker monitor matrix - choose any combination of monitors separately or together.
Urei 813 "Time Align" / Dynaudio BM15 Active (+active sub) and full 5.1 surround / Generlec S30NF / Yamaha NS10 / Tannoy M2


Apple Mac Pro/2.8ghz/17gbRAM based Pro Tools HD TDM(3x 192)

Software sample players:
Ivory Pianos
Spectrosonics: StylusRMS/Trilogy/Omnispere
East West Symphonic Orchesta(Strings/woodwind/brass/percussion modules)
Kontakt 8/
Pro Tools TDM Soft Synths: Access Virus /Bruno Reso/

Outboard Reverb/Delay

EMT ST140 Stereo Echo Plate fitted with new low noise circuitry
[this is the original Beatles Plate from the Apple studio]
2 x Lexicon PCM 91
2 x Lexicon PCM 70 / Delta Lab DL4

Outboard Signal Processing

2 x Urei 1176 Compressors (fitted low noise circuitry)
2 x Urei LA3A Compressors (fitted low noise circuitry)
1 x Bel Analogue Flanger

Studio AKG Mics: C414ULS(11) C460/CK1(4) D224(5) D12(2) D112(1) D125(7) C408(8) C747(1) C1000(1) C190(6)
C422 Stereo Concert(1) AKG TUBE-C12 mod(1) AKG C12 (1)
Neumann U87(1) Shure SM57(1)SE Gemini bi-valve(1) Rodes N4 Stereo(1)

Studio Instruments

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano
Pearl Drum kit - 22" Bd - 8"/10"/12"/13"/14"/16" toms - large selection Paiste cymbals old and new - Selection of classic snare drums in wood or metal: Ludwig Black Beauty/Ludwig "Jazzy"400 - Pearl - Noble & Cooly - Slingerland - Remo - Rogers
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 plus selection 60's pedals
Late 60's Hammond C3 organ and Leslie tone cabinet

Control Room

Yamaha P250 88-note weighted mother keyboard

Roland 2080 with 6 expansion cards/Roland D-550 / Dx7 / Tx7 //Emu Procussion / Proteus2XR(Orchestra) Proteus3XR(World) /Korg Wavestation SR/

Jon Hiseman

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